Our Volunteers


Crystal Kasper OD


Dr. Crystal Kasper completed her graduate studies in Optometry at Nova Southeastern University. Since 2009, Dr. Kasper has practiced in multi-doctor facilities caring for ocular diseases, as well as all aspects of vision care. She is a partner in Lakewood, CO, where her focus is neuro rehabilitation.

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Sarah Cornely R.N.


Sarah Cornley received her Bachelors in Nursing from Villanova University in 2006 and began working at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She began her career in the PICU, where she worked for 6 years. She then transitioned to her current role as a nurse in sedation/radiology.

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Danielle Smith

MPH candidate

Danielle Smith PH candidate
Dani Smith, from Orlando, FL, has recently completed her Masters of Public Health at Emory University. Her research was on gender-based violence, and the health impact of gender-based violence in India. Among the many experiences at PPES, Dani taught classes about sexual violence.

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Peggy Miller


Peggy has visited PPES several times, the most recent visit in March 2016. During that visit, she helped set up and organize the new medical center. Peggy and her colleague, Ray Whalen, also taught basic first aid to 10 teachers and 5 selected students, and to 15 women from the village self-help group.

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Marcia Kelly RN

Pediatric Nurse Children’s Hospital Philadelphia PA

Marcia Kelley is a pediatric emergency room nurse at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During her visit in 2015, Marcia worked in the health center, witnessed the daily routine of the girls, how the staff addressed the complaints and ongoing health concerns.

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Yexsy Alicea


Yexsy Alicea has over 17 years’ experience working in the field of public healthcare and HIV education and prevention. This primary focus has afforded him the opportunity to work with multiple community-based organizations, improving the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.

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Matthew Fanelli MD


Dr. Matthew Fanelli visited PPES in the spring of 2014, as a third year resident in Dermatology at Drexel University. Matthew worked at dermatology camps while at PPES, and was able to treat 175 villagers with skin issues. His experience was shared with fellow doctors upon his return to the US. Matthew is now married and practicing dermatology in Chicago, Ill.


Victoria Sheehan RN, MS


Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Life changing” are the words Vicki uses the most when describing her involvement with PPES. She has visited the school several times and when she returns home to Maryland, looks forward to her next trip back to Anupshahr. While at the school she assisted with Medical Clinics and has secured donations of medications, instructional health materials as well as medical supplies to outfit the Health Center.

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Madhu Gupta PT

Physical Therapist

Madhu first visited PPES in 2013 and returned in 2015. Madhu worked at the International Medical Relief medical camps, translating English for volunteers and seeing patients who were in need of physical therapy. Madhu was deeply impacted by her visits to the school and moved by the stories girls shared with her.

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