Dr. Anuradha Sharma
  • Dr. Anuradha received her Bachelors degree in 1995, and a B.A.M.S. degree from Kanpur University. She completed her residency from Agra Medical and Cardiac Research Center. Dr. Anuradha has Contraceptive training from SN Medical College in Agra and WHO. She has practiced as a GP, as well as OBGYN, in Bulandshar Distrcit Female Hospital in Bulandshar for 19 years. She is married to Dr. R.K. Sharma.

Dr. Sudhir Kant Sharma-Dr. Sudhir Kant Sharma has been in private practice as a GP and Specialist in Acupuncture, in Bulandshar for over 30 years. He studied medicine at Maharshi Dayanand University-Rohtak, from 1977 to 1983 completing 6 years of B.A.M.S. Degree. Dr. Sharma joined Moolchand K R Hospital and Research Centre, New Delhi in 1983, as an Intern and resident.He has an MD in Acupuncture from Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has a flair for prescribing Simple Home Remedies to villagers, which helps without Cost. Dr. Sharma incorporates Ayurveda ( Indian System of Medicine) for Chronic problems for the Benefit of Patients. He regularly attends GASTROENTEROLOGY & LIVER Disease Conferences & Live Teaching Sessions at Sir Gangaram Hospital-New Delhi


Dr. Charles E Sheehan MD FACP

Co-Medical Director

Dr. Sheehan was introduced to the remote, impoverished village of Anupshahr, India by a patient in his Internal Medicine practice in the U.S. His patient, an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer, who was building the village’s only toilets implored him to accompany on a visit to this place in poverty-stricken northern India.

What he saw there, or rather what he didn’t see there, convinced him that my help was greatly needed and welcomed. There were no doctors, no antibiotics, no testing, no care for newborns and many ill-conceived notions about diseases and health in general. There were some government issues vaccines but the organization and administration of these were haphazard at best.

The disparity in medical care given between girls and boys was obvious from the start. If a girl child became ill she may be neglected, where as a boy child’s health would take a priority. Even if a family used any resources they had to get their child to a city for treatment, that care may be substandard. The fact that there was little to no health care seemed to be fully accepted.

He knew at that first visit that he was fully committed to bringing quality health care to this indigent population. He wanted them to understand that regardless of caste, gender, religion, etc., their lives mattered.

With the generosity and hard work of many, we have realized the dream of having a free standing clinic on the grounds of PPES in Anupshahr. This bright and clean space allows us to invite interested medical professionals to volunteer and utilize their talents for this incredibly rewarding and worthwhile mission of bringing healthcare to some of the poorest people in the world.


Dr. Kumar

Co-Medical Director

Dr. Vijaya Arun Kumar is the Associate Director of the Global Health Section and IEM Fellowship at Wayne State University (WSU) . After undergoing his residency at Alleghany General hospital he completed an EM clinical research fellowship at Wayne State University and then went on to do a Master in Public Health from the University of Michigan.

Being an assistant professor in the department of emergency medicine he is actively involved in clinical research with research focus in Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension. His goal is to develop clinical research in India and recently held a Clinical Research workshop at the PACE conference in Guntur, India.

He has been actively involved in development of global health and to that effect has been working with PPES in the building of the health center and development of courses for the training of the community health workers and local doctors in first aid and cardio pulmonary resuscitation . To aid in the early treatment and management of patients at the PPES Health center he has been working to instate telemedicine services.


Julie Gates is a Physician Assistant with a Master’s of Public Health. She has worked in primary care in the Philadelphia area since 2001. She has a special interest in the health of women and girls. Julie first visited India in 2000, spending two months there and falling in love with the people and their vibrant culture. In 2014, she learned about the mission and dedication of PPES to the girls of rural India, and decided to become involved. Julie provided financial support for the construction of the Prana health center, and she was able to visit PPES in the fall of 2015 to be a part of the dedication ceremony. During that visit to PPES, Julie surveyed the teenage students on health beliefs and knowledge, and then led health education classes to answer their questions regarding reproductive health. She also participated in a PPES health clinic for the local community of Anupshahr. Julie feels that her visit to PPES was absolutely life changing. “For my first few days in Anupshahr, she focused on the lack of basic provisions that the people had in their lives. However, after a few days at PPES, she was able to see past those extreme discrepancies and focus on all that PPES is offering to these girls and to the local community. In the midst of poverty and chaos, PPES is an oasis of order, health, security and hope to these girls and their families. Julie left inspired by all that PPES has achieved and immense hope for the future of that community.” Julie serves on the PPES U.S. Advisory Board.


Mary Cairns first volunteered at PPES in 2010, and spent several months in India. She is committed to bringing quality medical car to the students, staff and villagers of Annupshar.  She has since returned 8 times, bringing teams of US medical volunteers. Mary is dedicated and committed to improving the lives of the girls at PPES, and has worked tirelessly on many projects at the school.

During her initial visit, recognizing the complete lack of health and hygiene, she taught the  girls to brush their teeth and wash their hands with soap. In 2012 she returned again, after raising funds in the US to build a school Health Clinic, hire our school nurse, Elsa, and stock the center with donated medical supplies from the US.  She developed a partnership with Vitamin Angels, which provides vitamins, deworming medication and Vitamin A to our students, as well as villagers.

In 2015, Mary raised funds to build the new Medical Clinic, allowing for the expansion of the health program, due to the demand for quality health care in this village region.   She is dedicated and committed to bringing volunteers, and working

Elsa Joseph

Elsa was raised in Kottayam, Kerala. She graduated from University of Kerala, and received her nursing degree from Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi. Elsa has worked as a nurse at Tirath Ram Shah Hospital, Delhi, and the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia, and Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi.