Research Studies

Director Vijaya Arun Kumar MD, MPH, DPH

Prevalence of Depression within the Bulandshahr District:

To determine the prevalence of depression amongst patients of varying demographic factors in the community of Anupshahr in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, utilizing the validated PHQ-9 tool for subclinical depression and assess the need for a constructive course of action directed at the mental health of the population. WSU Research volunteer, Parth Patel along with volunteers from PPES, conducted the study. The data is presently being analyzed for publication. Anticipated completion date:  Nov 2017.

Followed by second phase that will involve diagnosis and intervention using telemedicine (Project partners being identified) Anticipated start date: Jan 2018

A Novel Approach to Improving Emergency Care in a Rural Community of India

To determine the efficacy and subsequent community health outcomes of a training program in BLS and First Aid given to Community Healthcare Workers (CHW) in the municipal board of Anupshahr in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India and assess its contribution to the development of a constructive emergency medical care model at Anupshahr. 2nd phase of the study is ongoing. Anticipated completion date: Jan 2018

Telemedicine Project

The aim is to develop a creative rural telemedicine program that will not only bring the physician to the areas of need but will lead to the early management of patient and rapid transport to the final destination. Building a link between the tertiary site and the rural hospital is just the first step in developing a symbiotic relationship whereby there will be co-ordination in the provision of appropriate care to the patients at the rural site, along with appropriate triage of patients and early transport to the tertiary site. (Project partners being identified) Anticipated start date: Jan 2018.

Needs Assessment Project

To determine the actual health needs of the villagers of the Bulandshahr district. Research volunteers, Ayushi Agrawal and Sean Ojha, will conduct the study. It will involve a prospective evaluation of the health needs of the community including availability of basic resources, provision of health care and questionnaires to the population. Anticipated start date: July 2017.

Laboratory Installation Project

This study will evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of starting a laboratory at a rural health center. Research volunteers, Sukhwinder Ajwal and Anvi Kumar, will conduct the study. The goal will be to help with the actual implementation of a lab at the health center and then follow up with the effectiveness of the intervention. Anticipated start date: July 2017