Mission Statement
Good health is paramount for attending school and receiving a good education. Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES) is committed to providing all  of our students with quality health care, ensuring that they are at their best in order to succeed.

Pardada Pardadi Health Center opened in October 2012. The “Prana” Health Center opened in March 2016. These facilities were made possible through the fundraising efforts of Mary Cairns, and the generous support of US donors. The new clinic allowed for the expansion of the Health program at PPES, providing quality medical care to students and staff as well as the villagers of Anupshar. PPES is the only school in the region to have a facility, as well as a school nurse,  that provides for the health needs of their students.  Prana is a bright, clean space, equipped with a nurse and doctors office, exam rooms, pharmacy, and a room that is used for health education classes. Our clinic welcomes our sick and injured students and staff six days a week.

In February, 2013, we were fortunate to add a nurse, Elsa, who currently lives at PPES. Elsa manages the Health Center and support staff, provides health care to patients and teaches health and hygiene classes. Elsa has 30 years of nursing experience, previously working at AIMS Hospital in Delhi.

Dr. Sudhir Sharma and Dr. Apurva Sharma, physicians from Bulandshahar, have been committed to  providing medical care to the students, staff and villagers since 2014. Their dedication to the villagers of Anupshahar is truly appreciated

Craig Miller, a US volunteer, developed an electronic medical records system at the clinic, which is essential for appropriate follow up and management of the patients, along with building a repository of data which can be used in conducting research.
Dr. Charles Sheehan, a physician from Ellicott City, MD is committed to improving the standard of care provided at the clinic. As Medical Director of Prana Health Centre, he oversees the development of the program. Dr. Sheehan has been working with Dr. Vijaya Arun Kumar, the Co Director of the Global Health Section of emergency medicine at Wayne State University, MI to improve the quality of health care. They are presently developing a telemedicine project, which will connect the medical staff at the school to specialists in New Delhi and the US.
In November 2016, Dr. Kumar, along with volunteer doctors from Wayne State , traveled to the school to participate in three days of  free health camps. Through Wayne State’s committed partnership, there will be an increased presence of international faculty, fellows and medical students at the health center. This is an exciting period for the health center with immense opportunity for students and volunteers This is just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to be achieved. With the help of the volunteers and donors, the residents of this village will experience health care which would have otherwise been both inaccessible and unaffordable to them.